Information for Visiting Researchers

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Information for Visiting Researchers, Post-Docs, and Students

Planning for Your Trip

All visiting research requests are subject to review and permission is not guaranteed.  

Visiting research groups exceeding five members must submit an application for director  review at least six months in advance.  Contact for more information.


For groups under five, proceed with the following instructions:

Step 1 Confirm an HIMB faculty sponsor before proceeding with any travel plans

Step 2 Budget for your trip using the new visiting researcher fee schedule as described below:




Facility Use Fee



Tank Space Fee



Bench Fee (student/tech)



Bench Fee (researcher)



Hazmat Fee

$30/liter produced

*If you will be paying both tank space and bench fees, the tank space fee will be reduced to a daily rate of $5.

    • Facility Use Fee: All visiting researchers are required to pay this fee. This will help offset the cost of utilities and general maintenance of HIMB during your stay.
    • Tank Space Fee: Visiting researchers using communal tank space will be subjected to this fee.
    • Bench Fees: This fee compensates the HIMB hosting lab for expenses related to hosting, including use of space and consumables. Please discuss this fee structure with your sponsor during budget planning. 
    • Hazmat Fee: Visiting researchers who generate hazardous waste and/or leave chemicals at HIMB will be subjected to this fee.


After HIMB Faculty Sponsor is Confirmed

Step 3  Submit a HIMB Registration Form obtained from your HIMB faculty sponsor

Step 4 Apply for housing at HIMB, if needed

Step 5 Submit a Visitor Waiver before arrival


Additional Resources for Planning Your Trip