Information for Visiting Researchers

Information for Visiting Researchers, Post-Docs, and Students

Planning for Your Trip

Step 1 Confirm an HIMB faculty sponsor before proceeding with any travel plans

Step 2 Budget for your trip using the new visiting researcher fee schedule as described below:




Facility Use Fee



Tank Space Fee



Bench Fee (student/tech)



Bench Fee (researcher)



Hazmat Fee

$30/liter produced

*If you will be paying both tank space and bench fees, the tank space fee will be reduced to a daily rate of $5.

    • Facility Use Fee: All visiting researchers are required to pay this fee. This will help offset the cost of utilities and general maintenance of HIMB during your stay.
    • Tank Space Fee: Visiting researchers using communal tank space will be subjected to this fee.
    • Bench Fees: This fee compensates the HIMB hosting lab for expenses related to hosting, including use of space and consumables. Please discuss this fee structure with your sponsor during budget planning. 
    • Hazmat Fee: Visiting researchers who generate hazardous waste and/or leave chemicals at HIMB will be subjected to this fee.


After HIMB Faculty Sponsor is Confirmed

Step 3  Submit a HIMB Registration Form obtained from your HIMB faculty sponsor

Step 4 Apply for housing at HIMB, if needed

Step 5 Submit a Visitor Waiver before arrival


Additional Resources for Planning Your Trip