Vision: Who we are

Our innovative science, place-based education, and deep community engagement advances knowledge and stewardship of the global ocean.

Goals: What we do

1. Global Leadership in Marine Research
2. Transformative Marine Education and Training
3. Community Engagement in Marine Science and Stewardship

Principles: What we value

  • Scientific and technical innovation
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work
  • Local to global collaboration and partnerships
  • Purposeful science & evidence-based solutions to 21st century challenges
  • Hawaiian culture and diversity, including traditional knowledge
  • Education and outreach that is relevant to science, society, & sustainability
  • Collegiality and community
  • Integrity and accountability

  • Strengths: What we offer

  • Unique setting and laboratory/field facilities on a near-shore coral island
  • Ready access to diverse and interconnected reef, coastal, estuarine and deep ocean ecosystems
  • Complementary facilities supporting molecular to global scale science
  • Location within an estuary/lagoon habitat that provides a model for land-sea interactions
  • Mid-Pacific location, uniquely situated for Pacific Rim and Asian marine science
  • Ability to collect and maintain marine organisms, due to reliable, high-quality seawater supply
  • Advanced laboratory instrumentation, including molecular biotechnology, and confocal microscopy


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