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Intern & Volunteer Position Checklist

We must have these forms file before you may begin interning or volunteering with us:

  • Volunteer Application This form includes your interests, skills, certifications, and experience relevant to your proposed work at HIMB, and your start date and (if known) end date.
  • Waiver and Release Agreement (with a separate version for persons under 18) This form also contains a section authorizing medical care in the event of injury or illness relating to participation in the intern/volunteer program. If you stay at HIMB for more than a year, you need to sign the waiver annually.
  • TB Clearance We will need proof of TB Clearance in order for you to work at a University of Hawaiʻi facility for more than 15 days within a calendar year. It must be an original copy of a clearance given within 12 months of your start date. Hawaiʻi state law allows a clinic to provide clearance without a TB skin test in some circumstances. If a skin test is required, you will have to make two visits to a clinic. There are free state sites (for TB testing locations and times, see health.hawaii.gov/tb/tb-testing-locations-times/). Please bring your clearance letter to us in person. If you are currently a UH student, you may supply the TB clearance that you provided to UH when you enrolled.
  • Scope of Duties This documents, at a high level, the range of tasks you are expected to be performing in the course of your internship/volunteer work at HIMB. This will be specific to each laboratory or particular position within the lab. Ask your mentor for a written list of the scope of your duties if your mentor doesn’t automatically give it to you. The scope of duties must be given to HIMB’s HR staff when you start. One purpose of this document is to clarify what your participation in this program involves, in case you are injured while on Moku o Loʻe.

The following may also be required, depending on your situation:

  • Safety and Hazardous Waste Training You may need to do safety training and hazardous waste training. The University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa offers these 2-hour classes pretty frequently, and you can sign up for the training at www.hawaii.edu/ehso/lab-safety-training/ and hawaii.edu/ehso/hazardous-waste-generator-training. After you’ve been accepted as an intern/volunteer, check with your mentor to see if you need to do these or other training classes.
  • Safety Orientation Training specific to your particular lab
  • Visa Information You may need a visa if you’re not a US citizen or green card holder; you may be eligible for a J1 Student Intern visa if you are currently enrolled in a degree program in another country, if that program requires a full-time research internship before completion of the program, and if the internship will be no more than 12 months long. If you are accepted as an intern, the University of Hawaiʻi has an office that can assist you with documentation for applying for this visa type. Visit the United States Department of State webpage for more information on visas.