Short Courses & Workshops

Short Courses & Workshops


Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program

The Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology is a graduate-level research and training program, which draws faculty and students from around the world. Each summer, a new topic is chosen to be the research focus of that program.

Announcements concerning the topic of the summer program are made around March of each year.

Faculty and researchers give seminars and instruct students in the new field and laboratory techniques. Faculty members frequently use the facilities of the Institute to further their research, or to obtain specimens from our tropical environment. Students are nominated by the professors attending the program, but a few students may be selected independently as well.

Academic credit is not given for the program.


Special Courses

HIMB periodically offers 1-3 week courses that provide training in the theory and practice of specialized marine research areas. The courses are geared towards graduate students and working professionals that would like to gain experience in the methodologies from HIMB faculty and other subject experts.

Past programs included histotechniques and coral disease, coral molecular biological techniques, and a microscopy workshop for plankton identification.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Course/Workshop Description Dates Location
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Past Courses and Workshops

Course/Workshop Description Dates Location
“How Do We Explore” – Professional Development Join us on Moku o Loʻe for a morning workshop to delve deeper with the “How Do We Explore” materials, lesson plans, and website that involve your students in modern day exploraion. Follow on-going expeditions with America’s ship for Ocean Exploration, the Okeanos Explorer. Stipends for education supplies and support are provided for all participants (including travel costs and housing for neighbor island participants). Register for the 2016 NOAA Ocean Exploration Workshop. October 8, 2016

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Moku o Loʻe (Coconut Island)