Shuttle boat service is provided for researchers and visitors to HIMB from Lilipuna Pier to Moku o Loʻe. During the weekdays, a shuttle van service runs between Windward Mall and Lilipuna Pier. To utilize the shuttle van, call Security at (808)218-2014 for pick-up. When leaving your vehicle across the street from Windward Mall, be sure to park in the designated visitor parking area, which is also the site for drop-off and pick-up.



Life Jackets

Children ages 13 years and under are required by law to wear a life jacket on the shuttle boat, with no exceptions. HIMB has a limited number of children’s life jackets available. If possible, please provide your own. HIMB does not provide life jackets for infants. If you will be traveling with an infant, you must bring your own infant life jacket. Compliance with this law is mandatory.


Tips for After-Hour Boat Use

  • Please give the shuttle operator your name when you call. As a security precaution, you will be asked with which lab you are affiliated during your visit.
  • The official shuttle boat schedule is shown above. There may be additional transportation opportunities at various times as security personnel and residents shuttle themselves between the island and the pier. However, the official schedule is the only times you are guaranteed a boat.
  • Please do not rely on security personnel or residents as a shuttle source. They may be otherwise occupied or out for the night. If, however, you do get shuttled from someone other than the designated boat operator, please call the resident shuttle operator so they don’t wonder where you are.
  • In case of an emergency, please call Security at 808-218-2014 for shuttle assistance.
  • After hours, the shuttles depart promptly at the requested time. Please be on time for your shuttle.