Research Overview  
We use tracking technologies to study the movements of sharks and fishes. Our research provides data to improve stewardship of marine resources and answer fundamental scientific questions about the behavioral ecology of marine animals.  
Major themes of our research include Marine Protected Area design, shark-human interactions, spawning migrations and foraging strategies of top predators, and digestive physiology and navigational abilities of sharks.  
Fieldwork activities are complemented with lab experiments investigating the physiology of our target species and developing new technologies to improve tracking science.  
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NWHI Predator Link Shark Ecotourism Giant Trevally
NWHI Predator Tracking Shark Ecotourism Giant Trevally Tracking
Accelerometer BCT MPA Reef Fish Tracking
Tri-axial Accelerometers Business Card Tags MPA Reef Fish Tracking
Tiger Shark Research Shark Magnet Human Activities
Hawaii Tiger Shark Shark Magnetic Sense MPA Recreational Impacts